Terms & Policies



  • Kore does not give refunds or studio credits for miss classes or no-shows.
  • Koredoes not allow access classes to be rolled over to another week or month.
  • Please know your upcoming schedule BEFORE purchasing package(s) i.e. vacations, holidays, etc.
  • Regarding policy above, when clients take time off, schedules may be changed according to teachers availability.


  • 24 hour cancellation required or drop-in fees will apply.
  • Classes are subject to change if attendance is low; do not rollover into following month and are not transferable between clients.
  • If you set up for a class or appointments, and do not cancel within 24 hours, that class or appointment will be deducted from your account.
  • Classes and appointments are subject to cancellation.

  • Classes and appointment scheduleis the subject to change; weekly and/or monthly,  at the teacher’s discretion.

  • Prices are subject to change.

  • Studio credit only, no refunds

  • Clothing accessories cannot be refunded, only exchanges of clothing and accessories


Please arrive 5-10 min early to check-in.


Childcare is available. Fee's are $5, call or email to confirm by appointment ONLY


  • Accounts will not be put on hold for any reason except for a medical emergency, with a doctor's note.
  • When clients leave/ take time off, due to an injury, a doctor's note is required before returning to Koreand resuming regimen.